Walking with THE WALKING PARTY is never an end in itself. All of the holidays detailed follow routes carefully chosen for relative ease, interest and stunning landscapes. It is never a slog with THE WALKING PARTY and the walking is broken up with visits to churches, elevenses and many little surprises. You can, if you want, opt out and travel in the minibus whenever you want to put your feet up.

We have carefully chosen a limited number of trips in a limited number of regions to offer an experience that is unparalleled in its depth and insight into local life. In particular we think these carefully selected regions of Europe and East Africa have all the ingredients to satisfy the most curious traveller and enthusiastic bon viveur.


French Cooking Hop

4 days

A quick trip over to France to warm up in...

KENYA Samburu

Kenya Samburu

15 Days

For the westerner, the African continent has always been a...