Kenya Samburu

For the westerner, the African continent has always been a continent of the unknown, of discovery and mystery. Up in north central Kenya you are in the wilderness surrounded by hills and acacia trees and thorn bush.

It is exhilerating. The mountains you will walk towards rise dramatically to heights of nearly 9000 feet, out of semi-arid country. Rendez-vous and departure at Jomo Kenyatta airport, Nairobi.


These tribes are friendly, defying the modern world to go about their traditional business and still cherish the customs and colourful ceremonies of their ancestors. This is an opportunity to see stunning landscape and witness what Karen Blixen terms as land having no fat on it and no luxuriance anywhere … like the strong refined essence of a continent. And what a continent. As with our Masai Mara Loita Hills safari you start your Samburu experience at the house of your host outside Nairobi with a lunch party, meeting Kenya friends who have many a tale to tell of life in this extraordinary country.


A flight in a Cessna 208 will take you up to the Samburu to start your walking. A typical day would be where you rise at 6 in the morning from your comfortable canvas tent and have a cup of tea before setting off with a few camels to walk through the dry river beds listening to the beautiful sounds of emerald spotted wood doves and go away birds. Breakfast is cooked for you in the bush before the other camels join the train with the camp all packed up. You will walk until midday. If you get tired you can always jump on a camel! Cold drinks appear out of cool boxes where you sit for lunch and where the camp is set. In the afternoon you relax before maybe a walk in the evening for a sundowner drink with a beautiful view.


Dinner is around the campfire or candlelit at the table. Again as with our Masai Mara Loita Hills safari you end the two weeks on the coast at the cottages of the Driftwood Club that sits on the fine white sand shore all set about with palm trees overlooking the turquoise blue waters of the Indian ocean.

James and Diana host this trip. Diana was born in Kenya and her father lived there for fifty years. James worked there for two years as a fine art auctioneer. Both have returned to Kenya innumerable times. The safaris they have chosen are run by well established Kenyans who are friends of theirs. All safari equipment is of excellent quality. Their invaluable Kenya experience goes towards making this a very off the tourist route affair.



Located close to the city centre this lovely hotel of 40 bedrooms is set in 2 hectares of landscaped gardens. We take the First Class rooms which are modern, comfortable and spacious with bathrooms en suite and around the large reception are various seating areas. Restaurant. Swimming pool. Wi-fi. TV.


These are good-quality, strong, domed tough canvas safari tents with small verandahs. All have comfortable matttresses inside and each tent sleeps two people. It is very cosy. You can stand up in them. When the fly sheet is off you can see through them up to the night sky. Bath facilities are a classic safari affair with a shower that will give you hot water fixed up in a tree with a tarpaulin surround so that you are private. The loo has a similar surround. It is a safari loo which has a seat and a hole in the ground and a pile of earth … we will explain! This will be located in a private position away from the camp.


A small, private hotel on the shores of the Indian Ocean outside the coastal fishing village of Malindi with accommodation for up to 70 guests. 20 of whom can stay in the cottages that we take. Each cottage has a bedroom each with its own bathroom en suite and air-conditioning. There is a large swimming pool. There is also a much larger sea. Wi-fi is available in the hotel.

Grade Of Walking

The morning starts at 6.30 with a cup of tea. You will be walking then along the dry river beds in the most stunning landscape. A certain amount of fitness will be required but children can do this. You will be moving into the mountains to swim in the natural pools there. It might be a little scrabbly at times but the paths or ways are solid. You will stop walking by midday so that the temperature is not too hot. The afternoon is spent relaxing. You will be moving from about 850 metres to about 1400 metres in wild areas populated by the Samburu and Rendille tribesman in northern Kenya close to the Matthews and Ndoto mountain ranges. This is very suitable for families.


Being a former colony the food in Kenya is predominantly of British origin with porridge, fruit, bacon and eggs carried by camels and cooked in the middle of the bush or dinners cooked on an open fire by Andrew, the imperturbable chef. At the club on Kenya’s glorious coast is a full menu with wonderful curry lunches on Sundays. Exotic fruits are available throughout and fresh juices when not on safari.

Wine and beer will be with us on safari. Tins and boxes. Also a good selection of aperitifs for the all important part of Kenya safari culture; the sundowner.




15 Days


72 miles


£4400 pp (to be discussed )


£460 pp


Private Tours (Contact us for availability and details)