All tents are erected by the staff.

For the Samburu walking safari the tents are large and domed and you can stand up in them. You sleep on comfortable mattresses.

For the Masai Mara safari you sleep in a private fixed tented camp. These tents are around 12 square metres and are fitted with double beds with mattresses.

To arrive at the stunning escarpment view over the Rift Valley you will sleep one night in small bubble tents on comfortable mattresses.

Both trips end at the coast at the Driftwood Club in the lovely thatched cottages overlooking the sea.



On safari, food takes a secondary role. You are in the middle of the wild dark continent and supplies are not easy to come by unless you get them flown in every day ! The itinerary is meticuloulsy prepared so that you have fabulous varied meals every day. Your chef is well trained for safari lunches and dinners and you will be astounded at just what they can produce when you feel you are truly a million miles from anywhere.

The wines presented will be more New World wines from South Africa and Chile than French though we will try and present some delicious extras that we can bring out from France with us. Sweet wines travel better in planes than dry whites or reds. One of the highlights of any safari is the famous sundowner where a particular landmark is chosen for its spectacular view and where you willl take your evening drinks to enjoy the spectacular sunset.