Your chateau would comprise seven bedrooms in all.  Five bedrooms with double beds (two can be made into twin bedrooms) are in the chateau.  All bedrooms have shower rooms en suite and lovely views. You have a beautiful sized cuisine and a large salon with huge fireplace and a separate salon with TV.   There is then the smart separate apartment/suite in the courtyard with a double bedroom and sitting room and also a romantic double bed bath complex in the pigeon house.  Two fun dormitories with wooden beams and six and eight beds with showers are available in the chateau for the children if they would like this.  There is table tennis and a swimming pool at the chateau.  Near the chateau are opportunities for tennis, golf and riding.  Total sleeping capacity is 14 adults and 14 children.  There are a further two bedrooms with a shared bathroom a hundred yards from the chateau.

Your Dordogne Chateau


These weeks will be open for discussion. We do have a top chef on hand to give you a large and wonderful lunch party in that exquisite French way. We suggest that you make your own lunches and use the kitchen. The local markets are there to make the most of and it is fun being together preparing food and wine that you have chosen yourselves. Dinners would normally be cooked by Diana and I with excellent cheeses presented too each night and all with carefully selected wines. One night would take place in our favourite restaurant in Bergerac.

Tuscany cheese and wine

The wines presented will come from the south west of France and from our cellar. It would not include Bordeaux unless there is an express desire to do so. The wines of south west France have tremendous variety and are of extraordinary quality. Some marriages we put together would be Château Richard Coup de Cœur with a Carles Roquefort. The Coup de Cœur was compared by Clive Coates MW to being like 75% Yquem and 25% Climens. That is quite an accolade. Or a nicely bottle-aged Prince Probus from Clos Triguedina with some grilled tender duck breast.