Newsletter Autumn 2015

Dear All
We are well into the Autumn season. Now with the Haut Quercy weeks finished like the reddened maple leaves on the winding lanes, we turn to the Basque country but before we disappear into the Pyrenean foothills I thought a quick autumnal newsletter would be a good idea.

I have just read an exciting entry in The Week magazine. It is from the Daily Telegraph. It says:

A GP and former rugby professional has dramatically improved his patients’ health and well being and saved money by prescribing ‘walking’. A Manchester University audit of Dr John Morgan’s practice in Wigan has revealed that of patients who joined his walking group, 29% were able to give up anti depressants and 92.5% reported improvements in mood. Almost all had reduced blood pressure and two thirds had lost weight.

The Week also has a column called ‘It Must Be True … I read it in the tabloids’. So there you go! Well I reckon that this is something to think about. The question I have re: The Walking Party is regarding the loss of weight but with lunches much lighter now and an emphasis on ‘pacing yourself’ with regard to quantities of food and drink I think we are achieving good results!
We had a wonderful season in the Haut Quercy. We were ready for beautiful weather after a disappointing summer. The cliffs and river valleys were resplendent and we had two fantastic classical concerts which sometimes happen to fall just at the right time for us to incorporate them last minute into the itinerary. They take place in beautiful chateaux and the quality is always top rate. We had Brahms and then also some fabulous Schonberg. Violin and piano and then a piano violin cello trio. Very romantic and as you can see from the photos even the caves of Pech Merle have got romantic … so for a romantic holiday next Autumn there’s only one place to think about!

Now of course there are a lot of you out there who have not come over for the Truffle Hop. I cannot think of anything more fitting than a long weekend indulging oneself in the wonders of French gastronomy when it’s cold and wet and wintery in the UK. February is a horrible time to be doing little and truffled dinners in front of a roaring fire I find quite appealing to the senses. Not only that but you have the world famous truffle market full of strange rustic rugged types incongruously carrying little wicker baskets draped with neat Provencal chequered red and white napkins. It shows there’s always a woman in a man. It is a unique experience and we would love to see you here then. I will be sending out more details of this when we get back from the Basque.


And as to family life all goes well. Coco is in her last year now at Edinburgh. It has all gone so quickly. She will be looking for a job in South America when she finishes in 2015, so if anybody has any ideas please get in touch! Louis is setting up an exhibition in Brussels which should be on in December and then he goes off to Kenya to work in a glass factory. He has a year off. He is working hard on the idea of craft (a wonderful form of art) and will be starting at CSM in London again next year to do jewellry. Here at Lario renovations are taking place with a new office and a new staircase made by a great friend craftsman. Those of you who have seen our kitchen will testify to his wonderful workmanship. Plus the three terrace doors will be replaced with double glazed copies also by Lawrence. A lot of craft therefore this winter!

Now a call to all friends in the UK (unless those in the States and the Antipodes can vote??) This is a first for me to call to help a great friend who has put himself forward to be viewed by millions on Friday or Saturday night on the television. This might be a first for some of you too as I am asking you all to pick up the phone on whichever night Tim is dancing on Strictly Come Dancing and vote for TIM WONNACOTT! Talk about being brave. I have done a bit of amateur dramatics in the past when I used to live in London and luckily only a hundred people might have seen it. Even then I thought my heart might give in before getting out on the stage. So just to reassure you Tim we are thinking of you and willing our walkers to do the same!
That is all then for the Autumn. I hope that you manage to read all and that your voting powers keep Tim in for the show.

With love from us all

James Diana Coco and Louis